Council Election 2016

Election 18th - 19th April

On the 18th to the 19th of April LinTeks Council Election is held. All members of LinTek have the opportunity to utilise their democratic rights in the student union and vote for the candidate they believe would do a good job as a council member. In order for the LinTek Council to represent the Linköping technology students you need to take this opportunity and vote. On top of this you help your chapter, as the student chapter with the highest amount of votes (in percentage) wins cake for the entire chapter! There is one cake competition in Norrköping and one in Linköping.

Here is where you vote:


Colosseum 18 - 19 April, 08:30 - 16:15


Täppan 18 - 19 April, 08:30 - 16:15

You can also vote by logging into the LiU Student Portal.

Meet this year's candidates:

Alexander Brohmé

I want to candidate to LinTek’s union council 2016/2017 because of the opportunity to influence and make decisions in important and significant questions that affects numerous people. During my time at Linköping’s university I have been engaged in various projects which I think could benefit a position as a member of the union council.

I would describe myself as ambitious, motivated and serious. I am an open-minded person with the ability to look at problems with a broad perspective. As a result, I tackle issues from different angles and standpoints. I find these abilities not only useful but also necessary as a member of the union council.

Not only do I think it would be an exciting year but also an educational experience as well. Furthermore, as a member of the union council I would get the opportunity to contribute and develop the work of LinTek’s organisation.


Alexander Nilsson

Help me help you make this campus a better place!

I strive for high quality, new creative solutions and a modern campus that invites for innovation, inspiration and motivation. A place where everyone can engage and find opportunities to develop on their own terms. Vote for me and I will skip the bells and whistles and focus on the things that really matters.

Let’s do this!


Allis Mahrs

My name is Allis and I am studying my third year in Master of Science in Chemical Biology. Since I started here I have been involved in the student social life. 2014 and 2015, I was part of Urfadderiet; the first year I was in charge of our costumes and bookings and the second year as head of the economics. Now I'm in the committee of this years’ München Hoben. As my own start at the university was very good it felt natural to involve myself in it as a part of Urfadderiet so that I could give the new students same great memories of the reception as I have. After my commitment in Urfadderiet my interest in committing outside TBi increased, this is one of the reasons I applied to the committee of München Hoben. My involvement outside TBi has made me want to continue to be involved and influence our student social life.


Anna Björkman

I have this last year worked as head of marketing for LinTek and it has been an extremely interesting time. I would like to continue to develop the student life here at LiU and I think FuM is right for me especially since I have been a council member before.


Annie Lantz

During this last year, as chairman of the Media Technology board, I have grown very fond of being involved in student life. I contribute to a good atmosphere in a group with my positive attitude and I am keen on everyone having their voices heard. I like to challenge myself and I constantly try to learn new things. Therefore, I think this could be a super fun year.


Anton Nordin Persson


My name is Anton Nordin Persson. I read my second year at Ling in mechanical engineering. I like to get engaged in student activities and would like to continue to do so. For the moment I’m secretary in the Flamman board and am also Quartermaster in TackLING 16/17. I was nominated for Vice-Chairman at the Ling-section this spring, but I had to reject due to TackLING chose me first. So I’m used to go to meetings, say my opinions and to decide.

So i'm applying to FuM because it feels like a natural choice and to meet new people!


Beatrice Bengtsson

Hi! My name is Beatrice and I’m 22 years old. I pursue a bachelor degree within chemical analysis. Presently I´m the president of Lingsektionen and active in the committee of marketing. 2013/2014 I was the president of BMA-sektionen at the faculty of medicine in Linköping and I was also the head of planning for the reception of the new students. At the same time I was also engaged in the study social committee of BMA-sektionen.

I would like to continue my work to make the study social situation better for the students of the technical faculty and I think that LInteks kårfullmäktige is the right place to do that.

During my year as president of Lingsektionen I noticed that the LinTeks work is not sufficiently transparent from a student perspective, which is something I would like to change. In order for student to influence the organisation, understanding of the system is required and therefore I hope to work accordingly, I would like to influence the work of the election community to make their work more detailed. This would strengthen their hypothetical nominees position.

Claes Jolérus

My name is Claes and I’ve decided to apply for FuM! I would describe myself as a very ambitious person who always had a great interest for organizations and their structure, which has led to my interest for the different sections and the student union. I have so far been elected as Vice Chairman for Lingsektionen and I want to my part in the student union too!

I believe that the student union plays an important part at the university because it works to improve our education programmes, it works to uphold the community of the university and it works to prepare students for the labor markets. Without the union we would not have the same high quality in our programmes and the same community we have now.

The reason why I apply for FuM is because I want to affect for real, work to maintain the union like it is now and work to improve it. I’ve chosen to apply because I am very passionate about the questions the union works with and I feel like I can contribute in the unions stance in these questions. It also seems very educational and exciting!


Ella Nordlander

Just do it!


Ema Becirovic

I have this last year worked as head of student support and welfare for LinTek and it has been an extremely interesting time. I would like to continue to develop the student life here at LiU and I think FuM is right for me. I have previously been a member of FuM.


Erik Haneklou

Hey, My name is Erik Haneklou and i'm studying Graphical design and communication at the campus in Norrköping. I'm Running for the council because I would like to contribute to mine and my fellow students time here at the university.

In the past I've been a part of the board for the youth department of the Swedish church in Växjö and the election committee for the next years section Board for my Program, Which have given me a lot of experience when it comes to what makes a board work and I will be able to use this knowledge in the work of the Council.


Erik Södergren

I candidate for Kårfullmäktige to contribute in the decision Lintek do.

Before this, I have been active in N-sections board and general of N-Phadderiet.

With my mandate i will try to get more focus to Norrköping and the connection between the cities.


Erik Thuvesen

My name is Erik Thuvesen and I’m an outgoing lad from the Swedish west cost. I am 24 years old and begun studying at LiU in 2011. I changed subject in the autumn of 2014 and now I studying to become a constructional engineer (N-sektionen).

During my (soon to be) five years at LiU I’ve been involved in almost every part of the student scene. I’ve dressed up with sunglasses, strange clothes and a large beard during Nolle-P, I’ve been toastmaster during large seatings, I’ve worked at SOF and I’ve also been volunteering at Kårhuset Trappan for 4 years and many more commitments.

I have already been a member of LinTeks council during this year, but I feel that I have more to give. I believe that it’s good to have at least one or a couple of persons with experience from earlier years to make the council operate at it’s best. That is why I’ve choosen to canidate this year as well.

Fredrik Källmén

FuM is something I've wanted to join from the moment I first heard of it. I'm the person who likes big meetings and reading meeting protocols, therefore I feel that this fits me perfectly. I've appreciated the work that LinTek have done during the time I've studied here. Now I want to be apart of this and make this time the student's best time ever. With my positive thinking and realism I will make sure that the student voice's will be heard.


Inger-Marie Wohlfarth

I am a 21 year old girl who study the third year of the Bachelor's program in Biology. During my three years here on Liu, I have done much in my own chapter, MatNat. Among other things, I have been treasurer for the festeriet and now I am chairman for the section. During this time, I have worked a lot with Lintek and gained a great insight of the structure of it and what they do. Out of what I've seen of Lintek I have been led to believe that a lot needs to be developed and improved in various ways and that the FUM is a good forum to do this. I am a person who enjoys development and believes that everything can be developed and improved, no matter how good they are in the current situation.

I want to be in the council and contribute with my opinions, bring your opinion forward, take decisions for the members' best, as well as developing Lintek for the better.

Vote for me and a better Lintek!

Irma Wenhov

My name is Irma Wenhov and the second year of chemical biology . I love to get involved in the university and has previously been involved in Urfadderiet and is now involved in TBi-sektionens jubilee committee and the München Hoben committee.

I would like to be in the council to learn more about the Lintek and get a chance to influence.


Jesper Säberg

My name is Jesper Säberg and I'm 25 years old and study construction engineer in Norrköping. During my studies at LiU i have had many different voluntary commitments. For example Kårhuset Trappan and different committees.


Johan Åke Nilsson

I believe in student influence, so vore for me if you want your opinions to be taken seriously!


Johan Häggblom


My name is Johan Häggblom and I currently study my third year at the Mechanical Engineering programme. I have many interests, but if you start talking to me about the automotive industry, I will have trouble stop talking. This fiscal year I have been Vice Treasurer at the Association of Mechanical Engineering. In this role I have been assisting our Vice Chairman with the economic duties. The insight this has given me into what the student life is beyond lectures and lessons has made me want to engage in it even further.

No matter if it is a big or a small issue, I will always strive to make well-informed decisions. I am the one who will read an economic report with great interest and I enjoy formalities in general. I also value quick and clear communication highly. Hopefully I can contribute to making the student life at LiU even better by representing my own and my fellow students’ opinions within LinTek.

It would be an honour to get your vote in the student union council elections and if I am elected a member of the council I will do my best to nurture this confidence.

Josefine Staaf

My name is Josefine Staaf, I am 22 years old and study the fourth year of the Civilengineer program Chemical Biology (TBi-section) and want to be a part of FuM. I am social and curious with a high work ethic. I am a responsible person and always fulfill my mission to the best of ability.

I possess previous experience from, among other things, beeing a board member of the section board, HR manager of the section festeri and a member of the student organization Navitas. I believe with my experience in various types of commitment, I will be able to contribute positively to the various types of social issues. As FuM member, I would like to learn more about Linteks work, affecting the union more direct and influence the issues like study environment, a sustainable future and the relationship between the student and Lintek. I want Lintek various bodies to be a natural platform for communication for the student. There are two events that I prefer with different purposes, it is LARM and SOF!

I hope I will be your representative in the next period's edition of the council!


Karin Elgh

With a lot of previous involvement at LiU, like president of the student association for mechanical engineering and involvements in a lot of other associations, do I have a good insight of what the student life at LiU means.

I’m currently doing my fourth year at EMM as an exchange student in Australia. This exchange year has taught me a lot, above all how great our education and student life back at home actually is, but still there are a lot of things that could be improved. I’m really looking forward to coming home to LiU and through FuM contribute to make our awesome student life even better!


Karin Holmén

My name is Karin and I´m studying the fourth year of Industrial engineering and management. I am a positive and outgoing girl who likes challenges. During my time at LiU I have had commitments in both LinTek and other student association. Now I want to help develop and improve LinTek with the experience I have gathered! I think LinTek contribute to a better student life and I want to be part of enhancing your experience of the student time. If you choose me to FUM-member I shall help to create a better union by working with the issues that are most important for the students; education, community and future.

I want a union that cares about education, but also that cares about everything else that makes student life so fantastic, so vote for me if you also want that!


Kim Byström

My name is Kim Byström. I am a 22 year old who is studying the second year of Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I am a happy and lively person who really enjoys the life as a student.

I have previously been an active member of both Maskinteknologsektionen and LinTek and consider myself to have a good insight into the student life here at Linköping University.

In my previous commitment to the nomination committee in LinTek, I received a good understanding of what LinTek is working with, striving for and what to be expected of the Board and the various committees. As vice president of Maskinteknologsektionen (who also is the treasurer of the section), can I actively participate in discussions regarding strategic and economic issues. What, however, I mainly consider myself to contribute to the council is an active presence and a voice for the students.


Linnea Bergman

My name is Linnea, I am 21 years old and have lived most of my life in Västerås.

Before I started at the University I lived a year in Japan to learn the language and the culture. Now I am studying the second year at Medieteknik in Norrköping but before that I studied a year at Datateknik in Linköping. At both campuses I have been a part of different student organisations. Since I enjoy meeting and discussing with people I continuously get engaged in different activities at the university.

Since I have studied at both campuses I have noticed the difference in the engagement and activity level of Lintek at the campuses. I would love to work for the student body of the campus in Norrköping and strive to make Lintek active at the campus.

I am curious about how Lintek works and what they do to improve campus for the students and would love to deepen my knowledge of Lintek.


Linnea Björk

Hello! I am applying because I want to influence Linköping University. For the same reason, I, along with two friends, started a student association called GEN! US last spring. The association's purpose is to increase gender awareness on campus. I have a large intereset in issues related to gender and feminism. It is my primary concern and I think that a more gender-conscious mindset in all contexts affect positively on many levels. Linköping University is good and outstanding in many ways but there is still much work to be done. Since I myself am a woman getting a scientific education, I see this as a chance to influence LinTek to become a more inclusive and safe environment for all, regardless of who you are. It's hard to write a brief summary of why I am standing as a candidate, but beyond what I have written above, I also believe that it is very educational and exciting to get more insight into how LinTek is working.


Lisa Blomquist

I have been working as one of the chairmen of the educational committee for TBi. I has been fun and I have gotten a great insight of how the university and LinTek operates. I would like to continue to work with this one more year. Therefore I would like to join Fum, to keep improving the student life om LiU.


Lovisa Karlén


My name is Lovisa Karlén and I studying my second year at the program EMM. I would like to get the opportunity to be a part of FuM. To be involved in FuM and take decision about how LinTek operates is something I really would find interesting. At present I’m the chairwoman of the Flamman board which has given me some experience when it comes to listening to people and collect their opinions and make decisions. I have also had some responsibility during the first two weeks of the new students’ arrival at my program. Now I feel ready to commit myself to something more and therefore hoping to be a part of FuM.


Maria Andersson


My name is Maria Andersson and I am a maskinteknolog who reads my second year on design and product development. In the past I have been involved within my section and now I am a member of LinTeks own München Hoben Committee.

I am a happy and social girl who likes to develop, improve and always have opinions about everything. I am dedicated and love to be engaged and now, with my passion for development, I would like to improve our union for us. For me it is important that everyone has a good time in school. For me that not only mean that you get a good education but also that you are surrounded by a good environment consisting of good friends, good study environments and social interactions.

As a member of FuM, I would like to encourage fellowship between sections, I want everyone, whatever their interests, to have the opportunity to go to campus and meet new people every day and expand both your circle of friend and contact network. I want you in 10 years when you shake hands with your new business partner to remember your memories from your studies and the union that helped you to get them.


Oscar Spinos

As a second year student at maskinteknologsektionen and my participation in this year's München Hoben kommité I have gained an insight into Linteks work and everyday life. I think the union does a really good job and it would be great fun and educational to be involved in taking decisions concerning the union's future.


Per Thor

I have this last year worked as head of corporate relations for LinTek and it has been an extremely interesting time. I would like to continue to develop the student life here at LiU and I think FuM is right for me .


Rickard Hellenberg

My name is Rickard Hellenberg and I am currently studying my second year to become an engineer in information technology.

During my year as chief of D-Group I learned a lot and I have seen a lot of the student involvement here at Linköping University. Among other things I was a part of förenade festerier. The year in D-Group is coming to an end, but my engagement in student involvement will not stop there. However I would like to engage in something involving more than parties.

During my year in D-Group I have realized more and more the importance of the work that Lintek do.

A big reason for me wanting to become a member of the Lintek council is that I want to get a bigger insight into the work that Lintek do for the students and be able to influence it. The biggest reason for me wanting to become a member of the Lintek council is because I want to make sure that the studying time for the students at Linköping University is as good and meaningful as it possibly can.


Sandra Gustavsson

I have this last year worked as head of educationl affairs for LinTek and it has been an extremely interesting time. I would like to continue to develop the student life here at LiU and I think FuM is right for me.


Simon Rung


My name is Simon and I'm studying my third year of design and product development. In the past year I have been a member the council, and I feel that I want to be a part of it for another year!

I have been active in festeriet known as FestMaskineriet for Maskinteknologsektionen, and I'm now a part of the Linköping University Male Voice Choir, LKSS. Besides that I'm working for the university as CAD-Assistant.

With experience in the past year of the council and the other past commitments I've gained knowledge in all three main areas that LinTek values and strives to improve at the university; education , community and future.

The areas I particularly want to diskuss is motions about the community on LiU and for the future of LinTek and LiU.


Tobias Grundström

I have this last year worked as vice president of LinTek and it has been an extremely interesting time. I would like to continue to develop the student life here at LiU and I think FuM is right for me.


Tobias Åresten

Hey! My name is Tobias Åresten and read my 4th year at the KTS program in Norrköping. I am running for my second year as the council member of Lintek. I as a Norrköping Student see it as particularly important for Norrköping to also be represented in the council LinTek and that Norrköping's opinions will arrive in Lintek. I have found the past year as a fun and rewarding but I feel that I have even more to give, that is why I am running for my second year.