LinTek's History

 It started in 1971 

The first sign of a technology student-organization are the bylaws of “The Technology chapter at Linköping’s Student union”. These were agreed upon during a constitutive meeting on the 14th of February 1968. During the closest following years the Technology chapter worked in a similar way to the chapters of today. There were four programme organizations at the time: MTS (The Machine Technology chapter), LYS (Linköping’s Y-students), the organization for Economy Engineering-students (The I-organization) and the organization for Technical Masters-students (The TM-organization).

TM had their last admissions in 1970, the organization discontinued soon thereafter. It was on the 9th of November 1972 during a constitutive meeting that LinTek was created from the Technology chapter. The reason for this was the 1972 division of Linköping’s Student union (LINS) into faculty student unions. At the same time Linköping’s United Student unions started (LiFS). LiFS functioned as an agency of collaboration between the three different student unions and provided help where needed, mainly administrative assistance. In 1981, when the Swedish government decided that there should be only one student union at each university, LiFS acquired student union- status. However, LiFS kept their name, Linköping’s United Student union, and the three faculty student unions worked as communities or sub-unions inside the larger organization. During this time LiFS mainly dealt with student social-matters.

In 1994 faculty student unions had a comeback and LiFS was divided into two different agencies of collaboration, an administrative one (Kårservice) and a political one (LUST). The purpose of LUST was to work together on the matters that felt important and to discuss possibilities of pursuing these in joint force, which is still their undertaking.

Up until the autumn of 1998 LUST had a commissioned chairman, thereafter this assignment fell upon one the student union-chairmen and the responsibilities were divided between the commissioners in the LUST board. LinTek had as early as during the spring of 1971 applied for membership and was accepted as full members of the Reftec organization.

 The first years

The first person elected chairman of LinTek was, according to old records, Leif Holm. At a total there were six functionaries with specific assignments and three other commissioners on the board. LinTek was pulsating with innovation and the ideas exuberated from both the council and LinTek’s functionaries. In less than a year the student union colours, an emblem and a ribbon were chosen, the first number of LiTHanian was printed, a songbook written and a printing department was created - Repro.

In February 1972, when LinTek was selecting the student union emblem, there were three different options presented to the council (FuM, Fullmäktige). FuM chose to recommend alternative A to the board, with only minor changes (“a more dense gearwheel, a smaller paragraph symbol and the text LINTEK, Linköping Institute of Technology”). Although there was much to be discussed by FuM, you can still find peculiar details in the records. For example, in the same records that describes the choosing of the emblem, you can also find a note describing how they took a 10 minute break for drinking champagne and handing over of a box of Swedish snuff of the brand General to the student union chairman, who had his birthday on that day.

For those of you who do not know, it ought to be mentioned that the student union colours should be red, black and green; i.e. the M-, the Y- and the I-chapters respective colours. The three chapters are also incorporated in the old LinTek emblem; the gearwheel represents M, the paragraph represents I and the LiTHium atom signifies Y. During this first epoch the civil engineering-ring was designed and the student orchestra-festival (SOF) was initiated. LiTH, renowned for their innovative predisposition, eventually started to initiate new programmes. This caused LinTek’s members to increase; out of approximately 6000 students, around 3800 are now members.

Membership of SFS (Sweden’s United Student unions) has long been a debated topic within LinTek. In the FuM records from 30th of September 1996, a long correspondence listing the pros and cons of exiting SFS can be found. It was not until the end of the academic year of 98/99 that FuM decided to apply for withdrawal from SFS. However, during the spring of 2005 LinTek’s council made the decision to again join the SFS.

These are merely a few of the interesting things that have happened in LinTek’s history. If you ever have any spare time, a glance through old records and testimonials are highly recommended.