What is LUST?

LUST stands for Linköping’s University Student unions and is an agency created to facilitate collaboration between LinTek, StuFF and Consensus.

 What does LUST do?

LUST is mainly the student unions agency for political collaboration, through which they pursue questions of common interest regarding the University and the municipality as well as for the appointing of student representatives at a local level at Linköping’s University. LUST also works actively with the question regarding student housing and pursues suitable student accommodations in Linköping and Norrköping. LUST also takes on a more general responsibility for student activities at LiU and among other actions had an article regarding their stance on hazing versus the welcoming of new students published in Corren during the fall of 2012.

For a community of interest to be able to call itself a student community of LiU, they first have to be approved by LUST. With approval comes the privilege of painting their mark on Märkesbackarna, booking of University premises, being able to contribute to KALAS-mottagningen and so much more.


Benefits of being an approved student community: