Our organization

 The council (FuM)

The Council, abbreviated to FuM from the Swedish word Fullmäktige, is responsible for making the decisions regarding general issues such as what activities LinTek will be conducting during the years to come. The Council appoints LinTek’s Board as well as other key positions within the organization that carry out the actual work. The system is similar to the Swedish electoral system where people vote for parliament, creating a government.

In addition to this, the Council is tasked with reviewing and approving LinTek’s budget each year, inspecting the Boards and committees and above all else formulating LinTek’s position in major and crucial matters.

 The Board and Staff

LinTek's executive body is the Board and Staff. The Staff consists of nine full-time remunerated individuals who work at LinTek to help you during your studies at LiU. The Board consists of four to six members who take care of and develop LinTek's long-term strategic work.

The Board of 2016/2017 at Campus Norrköping (Photo: Anna Björkman)

The Staff 2016/2017 outside Trappan, Campus Norrköping (Photo: Anna Björkman)

What does LinTek work with?