University Chapters

 What is a university chapter? 

All educational programmes are connected to a chapter. Some chapters collaborate with the student unions by incorporating student union membership into their own membership. This way you will automatically join the student union when joining the chapter. See all the chapters listed below.

 Your chapter takes care of you

A university chapter is an organization connected to one or a couple of specific university programmes. Its main purpose is to look after its members, creating a channel for students to influence their programme and student life.

 What does the chapters have to do with LinTek?

LinTek collaborates with the 14 different chapters, who are divided by educational areas and geographical location. Among other things, LinTek and the chapters work together on the nomination of student representatives, the performance of study supervision at a programme level and managing the welcoming of new students to Linköping’s University, referred to as Nolle-P.


University Chapters in Linköping 

D - Computer Technology

I – Industrial Engineering and Management

MTS – Mechanical Engineering

Ling - Bachelor programs of Engineering

MatNat – Mathematics and Natural Science

TBi – Technical and Chemical Biology

Y – Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering

LiUPhD - Linköping University PhD Network

University Chapters in Norrköping

Logistiksektionen – Communication, Transport and Logistics

N – Bachelor Programme in Construction Engineering

GDK – Graphic Design and Communication

ED – Electronics Design

MT – Media Technology



CMFS – Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies


Collaborations with the student union 

The student union and the chapters have a number of Intergroups to help collaboration, read more about them here.