Committees for collaboration between chapters and the student unions

These committees are the foundation for the collaboration between the chapters and LinTek. This is where experiences are shared and where we can work together to improve all different parts of the student life at LiTH.


This is where the chapters’ chairmen and LinTek’s presidium, President and Vice President meet.


A meeting place where those in charge of corporate relations within the chapters can meet and discuss mutual issues, responsible for these meetings is LinTek’s Head of Corporate Realtions.

 Utbildningsutskottet (UU)

This is where the heads of all the chapters’ educational boards meet with LinTek’s heads of Educational Affairs. They deal with educational issues of both current nature and more complex matters regarding education.


Committees started in 2010/2011 thanks to LinTek taking on full work environment responsibility. The committees, one based in Linköping and the other one in Norrköping, are made out of respective chapter’s work environment representative.


Some committees are started when needed and discontinued when don’t. This is a good way of dealing with present-day issues and making sure that our time and resources are well spent. These include alumni, informational work and other areas.