What does LinTek work with?

LinTek's got three equally important tasks. We work hard to ensure that the education at LiTH always will improve, we want to ensure that students feel great community and we create opportunities to meet future career opportunities. Hence the motto Education, Community and Future.

 Education: Assist to develop the quality of LiTH:s courses. LinTek looks after your interests in conflict with the university,CSN, high rents and complicated examiners. LinTek contributes with development capability and student influence.

 Community: To enrich the students time at LiTH by arranging social activities all through the year.

 Future: Maintaining the good connections we have with the business community and potential employers so that LiTH students can obtain a perception of what they could do after their graduation. We're also committed to help students with their networking so that they have a bigger chans of getting the job they want.

LinTek Goals

All students should feel that they have influence over their education, study situation and of their social situation. There should be a variety of activities alongside the studies at LiU. All students must have working environment that is of high standard, that's also safe, inspiring and conducive to learning. All these things are the questions that LinTek always see to improve and and we inform the University of any inadequate within these areas.