Working Environment

It is a given for you to have the opportunity to influence your own health and safety. This applies to the both your physical and your psychosocial work environment. A physical environment can involve matters such as ventilation, lighting, noise and hazardous equipment while a psychosocial one can bring troubles such as discrimination, stress, harassment and so on. At the University there is an organization, initiated by LinTek together with the other student unions at LiU, dedicated to students work environment. Every chapter have at least one working environment agent, whom you can turn to if you have any questions regarding your physical work environment. In addition to your chapter’s environmental agent, the three unions have one central working environment representative each that works full time with working environment. You can read more on this page.


Kårservice provides KOMBO (Kårservice Organ för Medflytande i BOendefrågor), which is a free tenants' association for students at Linköping University.

KOMBO is able to help students with anything concerning housing such as legal advice, problems with the landlord or finding an accommodation.

The help is free since it's included in the activities of Kårservice. You don't need to stay in student housing in order to use the services or get help. You just need to be a student. 

Get further information here: http://bostad.karservice.se/tenants-association/

 Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities is LiU's generic term for work on equality, ethnic and religious diversity, accessibility and participation for persons with disabilities, sexual equality and for equal treatment regardless of age or transgender identity/expression. The work also applies to other degrading treatment, for example due to social background. 

The University's work on equal terms is the Strategy Group for equal opportunities where LinTek has a representative (The Head of welfare and student support, ). You can read more about this work at www.liu.se/equal