Nolle-P – The welcoming of new students

The welcoming weeks, Nolle-P, are arranged for new students at Linköping’s University. The goal of Nolle-P is to make everybody feel welcome and to give new students an introduction to the academic and social life at LiU. A lot of people associate so-called nollning with degrading rituals; this is not the case at LiU. LinTek has set up a policy stating what rules and norms Nolle-P must follow and according to surveys more than 85% of the students are happy with their Nolle-P.


Each program at LiTH is represented by a chapter and every chapter has a group of people dedicated to arranging the welcoming of new students, these groups are called Fadderier.

Fadderierna at LiTH are:

The D chapter - Staben
The ED chapterKretsn
The chapterClubmästeriet
The KTS chapterFamiljen
The Ling chapterTackLing
The chapterMPiRE
The MatNat chapterGudfadderiet
The MT chapter and the GDK chapterLegionen
The chapterN-phadderiet
The TBi chapterUrfadderiet
The chapterY-fadderiet

 LinTek’s role

During the summer and spring, LinTek’s remunerated Heads of reception of new students work with coordinating all parties involved in Nolle-P. Their job is to make sure that the cooperation between fadderier, student unions, student counselors, math teachers, representatives from the student health, LiTH and everyone else involved in the welcoming of the new fall students, runs as smoothly as possible.

You can contact the Head of the Reception at if you have any questions or thoughts regarding your first time at LiTH. LiTH finds it really important that the welcoming is done in an appropriate way and therefore contributes financially. This contribution goes to LinTek, who later distributes it between the chapters. A contract is signed before each Nolle-P to determine the requirement regarding what the chapters and LinTek are obliged to do in order to receive the money from LiTH.

 A mutual welcoming

At Linköping’s University, the rules and norms that apply to Nolle-P are the same regardless if LinTek, StuFF or Consensus is your student union. We have a mutual policy, the same educations for those involved etc. This is to ensure that everybody has the same conditions and rules during Nolle-P. This way there will be no misunderstandings concerning what is allowed and what is not. We also encourage chapters to integrate the different faculties.

 The Nolle-P policy

Everyone involved in Nolle-P must follow the policy set by the student unions.