Student union buildings

LinTek, runs along with the other student unions at LiU, Consensus and StuFF, the non-profit Kårservice, which handles all the practical tasks of managing the student union fee and mecenat cards. Kårservice also serves as landlord for the Student union buildings and a few more spots that you can read more about below.

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Ryds herrgård is the oldest student place and has actually been around since the start of Linköping University 1969. Over a period [hg] was also a real Student Union Building. With a well-established range of rock club on Thursdays and restaurant every day [hg] wants to be a living room for Linköping students.


Phone: 013 - 26 05 20

Kårallen, Linköping


Kårallen is located at Campus Valla in Linköping. Kårallen is one of two sites in Östergötland which takes over 1000 people at a party. Here, most of Linköping big student parties take place. Kårallen has many different seating options, dining rooms, examination rooms, Gasquen and the grill for example. There is also a sauna, a cafe and rooms for the chapters.


Phone: 013-28 28 80


The union house Trappan is located in the center of Norrköping, more specifically opposite the City Museum. The venue offers restaurants and pubs and of course the student unions office.


Phone: 073-345 59 22


The student union house at campus US is called Örat (The Ear) and is located in Lasarettsbacken, just opposite of the main entrance to campus US. The building was earlier used as an ear clinic, hence the name, but has been used as a student union house since 1998. Consensus manages Café Örat during daytime. The bottom floor of the house can be rented during the evenings for parties and activities.


Phone: 0705-13 35 34

Kårhuset Kollektivet

Kollektivet is the student union building in the heart of Linköping.

Kollektivet's huge selection offers a nightclub, a la carte restaurant with large terrace in summer, sitting rooms, conference rooms, live bands, quiz nights and troubadour and study seats.


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