The LinTek Dictionary


A new student at the University who has not yet undergone Nolle-P.


The welcoming of new students to Linköping University. Usually occurs during the second half of August.


A textile bracelet which grants Nollan access to a variety of Nolle-P events.


Mysterious beings who roam LiU's campuses, their mission is to keep Nollan safe and guide him/her through Nolle-P.  


Groups of students dedicated to arranging events and parties for their specific sections.


The different campuses each have their own "Märkesbacke". This translates to a slope of marks, meaning a place where the different student organizations and communities, approved by LUST, gets to paint their specific emblem or mark on the ground. However, there are rules regulating when and where this is allowed.


An event during the begining of the autumn semester. This is an event directed mainly at new students, where they get to meet different student communities and associations as well as companies and surely some older students.


The LinTek magazine which is mailed to all members of LinTek. The magazine is published in six editions per year and has a non-profit editorial staff and one commissioned chief editor. LiTHanian is mainly financed by advertisements.

SOF - the Student Orchestra Festival

LinTek arranges the event SOF, which is a three-day festival held for university-students from all over Sweden and parts of Europe. The festival usually takes place during the month of May every odd year. During the last couple of years the festival area is located at campus Valla.