Student Governance

 Educational development

In the LinTek organization there are two people appointed as Head of Educational Affairs. Attending to educational issues, they work full time, in joint force with the chapters’ Student Boards to ensure that your courses are coherent, maintain a high quality and that you education leads to a degree that makes you desirable on the job market. They also represent you in long-term discussions regarding adjustments due to new laws, on the future form of university education and how much each student is allowed to cost the University. The Heads of Educational Affairs are the ones to contact if you are dissatisfied with a teacher, if you haven’t received your test result in the set period of time or even if you are just unsure whether or not rules have been followed within a course. They will help answer your questions and furthermore hold certain formal power which they can use in order to make sure that teachers follow rules and regulations.

Here you can find the information needed to contact them.

 Student Representation

As students we have a legal right to be represented anywhere within LiU where decisions are being prepared or made. As your student union LinTek takes on the task of making sure this opportunity does not go wasted. Each year the Representative Assembly elects student representatives for a vast amount of groups and councils where the voice of the students is needed.

Do you want to be a student representative? Send an email to the Head of Educational Affairs at for more information.