LinTek’s career fair

LARM – LinTek’s career fair is a convention that been arranged each year for over three decades. During the LARM-days students and companies are given an amazing opportunity to broaden their networks and meet future employers and employees.

In the beginning of February each year, more than a hundred different companies come to Campus Valla to meet the more then 9000 students of LiTH. During the LARM-days there will, in addition to the career fair, be possibilities to attend other activities such as inspirational lectures, corporate presentations and one of the University’s biggest blowouts, the LARM banquet.

In the two weeks before LARM, Pre-LARM is arranged, during these weeks a number of preparatory activities take place.

Over 200 students are involved in the LARM organization. LARM’s Project Manager, who is fulltime remunerated and hired on a one-year basis, is leading the work aided by committees, group leaders and hosts. They are all students working non-profit for different periods of time. Besides the benefit of experience and corporate connections all involved students are invited to the LARM banquet or the alternative banquet. 

If you are interested in getting involved in LARM, showcasing at the fair or reading more about it, visit LARM’s website or contact the LARM Project Manager.


Project Manager of LARM

Viola Häggström

070 - 269 45 80