LinTek's Climate Week

 The climate issues leads to new prerequisites for the work of the future

The climate changes may be today’s most current issue within politics as well as technology and social debate. Energy and clean-tech markets are growing ever stronger and climate issues will lay the foundation for a vast amount of engineering work in the future. Increasing the energy efficiency of products and processes as well as designing products and materials with a lesser raw material expense is becoming increasingly important. 

Engineers should therefore have knowledge regarding these topics starting at the beginning of their educations and LinTek’s Climate Week presents an easy way to immerse in the present issues and to get in contact with companies within the affected fields. During a themed week in the second half of the autumn semester, LinTek gives the technology students at LiU a great opportunity to create awareness regarding the climate. By arranging debates, lectures, industry events, case competitions and so on LinTek’s Climate Week aims to emphasize solutions rather than problems.

Generally speaking one can claim that the work of an engineer is to find the solution to a problem, and the environmental issues regarding climate change presents many problems that needs solving! 

LinTek’s Climate Week was arranged for the first time during 2009 and the project continues to grow larger and stronger with each year that passes. The themed week has always been very well visited and appreciated. Many companies and scientists wish to be seen within this field, which causes the quality of each event to hold a very high standard.

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