Become a LinTek-member

LinTek wishes to continue to represent the engineering and science students at LiTH, you have a choice to make that so.

Since the mandatory student union membership was revoked, it is up to each student to choose whether he or she wishes to support the work of LinTek. Our work consists of three main tasks: to make the University aware of improvements that needs to be done concerning education, to create opportunities for students to socialize and have fun together as well as to open doors for the future. If you consider these efforts for the students at LiTH important, you should become a member of the student union.

All students at LiTH can become members of LinTek.

What does LinTek do?

The membership fee goes to:

University Chapters

LinTek supports the different chapters' involvement in the welcoming of new students to the University. For every new student the chapters receive a contribution of 200 SEK. Aside from this LinTek contributes money to the chapters' study supervision, but this contribution is not funded by the membership fees.

LinTek's operation

Part of the fee goes towards keeping LinTek's daily operations running. The money makes it possible to maintain a study supervision of high quality, to engage in student social-matters, and to organize events with industry and commerce.

What a LinTek-membership provides the student

 The right to vote in the student union council election (FuM).

 The possibility to get involved in the LinTek organization.

 Membership benefits throughout the student life.

 The benefit of being a part of a union that strives towards giving students at LiTH the best possible start of their career.

You don’t have to be a member of LinTek to participate in educational matters and study supervision, but the remaining LinTek operations are mainly directed at members.

What having many members provide LinTek

 A strong voice towards the outside world.

 The legitimacy needed to accomplish changes within the University concerning education, environment and science of education.

 The more members, the stronger the voice, and the more possibilities of achieving the changes you wish for.

 LinTek is an organization by students, for students, making sure that their opinions get heard at the University. As a member you support these activities and contribute to secure its continuity.

Members are obliged to follow LinTek’s bylaws and get to take part of LinTek’s membership benefits.

Voluntary membership since the 1st of July, 2010

On the 10th of June 2009 the Swedish Parliament decided that from the 1st of July 2010, Student Union membership should no longer be mandatory.

This means that it is now voluntary to join a student union.

LinTek has been pro the revoking of mandatory membership, and instead aims to make sure the job gets done in such a manner that joining becomes the obvious choice. Therefore we try to be very attentive to the students’ opinions and concerns, all this to become the student union that LiTH students wishes to be a part of.


If you have any questions regarding the student union membership, send an email to or visit Kårservice's office at Kårallen, Campus Valla.