Membership benefits

Our aim is to provide something that will fit each student. Below you will find a list of benefits that we offer our members right now.



Ryds Herrgård - [hg]

40 SEK entrance fee instead of 60 SEK on Tuesdays (international night, even weeks only), Fridays and Saturdays after 12 p.m.
LiU-card is needed.


Kårhuset Kårallen

Free entrance instead of 50 SEK.
Applies on Fridays and Saturdays, when there are no special events, LiU-card is needed.




15 SEK discount on the entrance fee.
Ordinary Saturdays, LiU-card is needed.


Discount on rental fee, 50 SEK/person, 1500 SEK minimum (regular fee: 65 SEK/person, 2000 minimum). Always applies.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays the rental fee is 500 SEK (regular fee: 1000 SEK).


Applies at Kravaller: 10 SEK discount at parties arranged by LiTH’s Festerier.

One ticket per member. If you wish to buy tickets for your member friends who cannot be present at the time, bring all their LiU-cards. The maximum amount of tickets sold to one person is determined according to the rules set by those arranging the event (usually 4 tickets per person). The number of tickets reserved for members is limited to 10 percent of the total amount; the first to arrive is the first to be served.

LiU-card is needed.

Almost all of LiTH’s festerier have at least one party at Kårallen with tickets reserved for members per school year.



Members are given preference to work as hosts during LinTek’s career fair (LARM).

Members are given preference to participate in activities at LARM.

LARM takes place in January/February.


Industry and Commerce-events

Members are given preference to attend LinTek’s events regarding industry and commerce, hosted by LinTek Näringsliv. These could be for example lunch-lectures by companies and trade events during evenings.

Events are posted in our calendar.


LinTek’s Climate Week

Members are given preference to activities during LinTek’s Climate Week.

LinTek’s Climate Week takes place during week 48.


München Hoben

Discounted tickets, 80 SEK instead of 110 SEK. All the newcomers with a nolleband get their tickets through their Fadderi. The easiest way for international students to buy tickets is via ESN (Erasmus Student Network).




LinTek’s student union magazine, free for members, is sent to you 6 times per year.

LITHanian's website



Norrköpings new cinema and media educational-centre CNEMA, a part of Visualiseringscenter C.

Student union-members buy tickets for 50 SEK at regular features at CNEMA.


Linköping Hockey Club (LHC)-tickets

20 SEK discount in addition to the student discount - a ticket is 100 SEK for a member of the student union.

Can be bought from Kårservice at Kårallen.


Linköping Football Club (LFC)-tickets

5 SEK discount in addition to the student discount - a ticket is 40 SEK for a member of the student union.

Can be bought from Kårservice at Kårallen.



10 SEK discount, a ticket costs 110 SEK for a member of the student union.



20 SEK discount on term cards - a card is 50 SEK for a member of the student union.

Can be bought right before the viewing.





Reduced lunchprice at Zenit, 52 SEK (regular cost: 60 SEK).

Take-away including salad, 52 SEK (regular cost: 57 SEK).

Charge your updated LiU-card with 300 SEK at the cash register, then use it to pay at Hörs.



Discount on coffee of all sizes at Zenit, Prego/Zero, Jalla, Ellen in the Key-house and Java in the B-house.

Student union-cost for coffee is 10/14/18 SEK instead of 12/16/20 SEK depending on size.

An updated LiU-card is required.



Warm beverages are 1 SEK cheaper (equal to 25 %) at Studentfiket in Norrköping.

35 SEK for a coffeecard (regular cost: 45 SEK), ca 3 SEK/cup!

An updated LiU-card is required.




50 SEK discount on a school year’s membership in NAFFI (Norrköpings Akademiska Förening För Idrott). Regular fee is 450 SEK/year.



Short-term loan

As a member of the student union you're able to take a short-term loan of 5 000 SEK (no interest rate, maximum of 7 months) from Kårservices expedition in Kårallen. 



As a LinTek-member you have the possibility to get involved in both LinTek’s committees and in influencial work towards the university. You can for example be a student representative, vote in the election of next year’s student union council (FuM) or even be a part of FuM yourself.