Why become a member?

Because it pays off, in more ways than one.

 It's good for your studies

“If getting an education is a journey towards knowledge, student union membership is your travel insurance”.

LinTek is involved in organizing all student representation within the university’s different decision-making bodies, from educational programme committees to the university board. Students, or more precisely members of the student union, take part in all the decisions that has an impact on their education and study situation!

The student union helps individual students who come across problems at the university. For example if they feel that a teacher has acted in an offensive way or has given an unfair grade.

The student union keeps up-to-date regarding regulations and has good contacts within every level of the university organization. Naturally there are representatives from the student union in the disciplinary council, the instance dealing with errands concerning cheating.

 It's good for your wallet

You get discounts at every student union building in Norrköping and Linköping.

You are entitled to benefits/discounts through LinTeks collaborations with companies and organizations.

The possibility to apply for a short time loan from Kårservice.

 It's good for you

The student unions are the glue in student clubs and activities. The university chapters, who perform study supervision as well as arrange the welcoming of new students (Nolle-p) and other social activities for all the students of a certain educational programme, are partially financed by the student union fee. Communities of interest must be approved by the student unions in order to be called student communities.

It’s easy to take your student union-membership to a higher level. You can try doing anything from nonprofit work within one of the committees to becoming a paid full-time employee within the LinTek secretariat.

 There are more reasons

It takes members to be a student union

For LinTek to be able to continue as a student union it is required to represent a large number of students as well as perform study supervision. This means that LinTek needs many members to continue to exist, i.e. keep its status as a student union.

In 2016 the university will review whether or not LinTek is allowed to keep calling itself a student union. The decision will be made based on the number of members and the work Lintek carries out. The core of LinTek’s operations is its work concerning study supervision and improvement of education, but LinTek also takes part in student matters, events as well as creating a meetingplace for industry and commerce with students at campus. You can read more about our motto and related work here: Education, Community and Future.


Consequences of a discontinuance of the student union

* The students’ voice in the dialogue with the University will be lost

* The supervision of your studies and educational improvement will desist

* The events LARM, München Hoben and SOF will cease to exist.

* The student influence in student matters such as work environment, student union buildings and Equal Opportunities (EO or Lika Villkor) will be relinquished