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We are the Union of Technology and Science Students at Linköping University. We have been working since 1971 to make your education the best that it can be, for you to have a memorable time at the university and for you to connect with the industry and commerce. Through strong student influence LinTek creates community for it’s members while they shape their future.


Future 2016-06-15 15:10

Stora FM-priset

ISS presents Stora FM-Priset (The Great FM Prize) to the three best theses in Facility Management! Have you finished your bachelor or master thesis or plan to finish it in the next few months? Then it’s time to submit it to Stora FM-priset! (Deadline September 1st, 2016)

The prize is presented in the form of three stipends, one stipend for 50,000 SEK and two for 25,000 SEK each. The competition is open to those who have or will have submitted their bachelor or master thesis (C or D uppsats) between September 1 st, 2015 and September 1 st, 2016. In addition to the stipend, winners will receive mentorship from a member of the upper management of ISS and get the opportunity to discuss a future career with ISS.

Click here to submit your thesis! (page in Swedish)

Future 2016-06-03 09:30

Sqore, Internet of Things (IoT) innovation Challenge

Create your IoT prototype and get the chance to win 100,000 SEK! 

The Internet of Things is constantly growing and evolving, demanding creative solutions at an ever-increasing rate. Scania vehicles, Nobia kitchens and Tetra Pak® packages are looking for your ideas within the theme Internet of Things.

Select a company to compete for and create a prototype of your solution using IBM Bluemix, free access is available for the duration of the competition. The winner for each company's competition will be awarded 100,000 SEK. The deadline to submit your idea is July 1, 2016.

Sign up here: iotcompetitions.com

Criteria: Select a company to compete for and create a prototype of your solution using IBM Bluemix, free access is available for the duration of the competition. Work alone or in groups.

Eligibility: must be a resident of Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland

Cost: Free

Prize: 100,000 SEK/competition

Deadline: July 1st 2016 (winners will be presented in September, 2016)

For more information go to iotcompetitions.com

Future 2016-04-04 11:26

Saab University Day

Saab is offering a unique opportunity for students to visit their site in Linköping on the 15th of April!

Saab believes everybody has the right to feel safe. This ethos is at the heart of everything we do, it’s our Vision. Saab was born out of a time of global uncertainty, then and now, we exist to provide safety and security through innovative thinking.

In order to keep people and society safe we need you, the employees and leaders of a safer tomorrow. We are very happy to welcome you to our site in Linköping where you will get a first hand look at many of our products, meet our inspiring leaders and employees and listen to interesting speakers talk about our hottest topics.

Secure your place here!

Future 2016-02-22 09:34

Atlas Copco Internship

If you are a 4th year engineering- or business student it is now time to apply for the 2016 Atlas Copco International Summer Internship program. We offer you a unique opportunity to work on an exciting project in our global business during summer, and to do your thesis with us in spring next year.

Atlas Copco will be at Kårallens main entrance during Thursday, February 25 between 10 and 14, please come and learn more about the International Summer Internship.

For more information, check out this link!

Future 2016-02-04 13:17

Passionate about Business & Technology?

McKinsey invites you to Barcelona 14 - 17 of April!

What impact will self-driving cars have on the automotive industry? How can a traditional news-paper restrategize to stay relevant in a digital world? How can a government leverage big data analytics to manage an epidemic crisis?

These technology-related questions are examples of recent challenges faced by our consultant teams. McKinsey is a global management consulting firm that serves the world’s leading organizations to make lasting improvements and to realize their most important goals.

If you share a passion for business and technology, we welcome you to join our seminar in Barcelona on April 14–17, which will cover emerging tech trends and their impact on business and society.

APPLY BY FEBRUARY 21 by sending your CV and university transcript to: josefine_hedebark@mckinsey.com.

Places are limited. Cover letter optional.

Questions? Please contact Josefine Hedebark:

e-mail: josefine_hedebark@mckinsey.com

phone: +46 8 700 5428

Future 2016-02-04 10:05

Don't miss out on LARM!

Surely you haven't missed that LARM is next week?

On tuesday the 9th of february it's time for LARMs Career Fair! The fair is held between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Colosseum, Kårallen and Blå Havet. 160 exhibitors will be present, giving you the possibility to talk with representatives from companies and get to know what they work with. It's the perfect opportunity to create new contacts and perhaps meet your future employer!

You can also visit us from LinTek in our studentlounge located in S26, where we will be serving refreshments!

Future 2015-03-26 09:52

i Fokus!

Next week LinTek Näringsliv will arrange “i Fokus!”, an event that this year will focus on diversity! In 2014 McKinsey & Company published the report “Diversity Matters” which showed that companies that actively worked with diversity more often earned a higher profit than the median of their industry.

During Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week LinTek Näringsliv will arrange inspiration lectures, a workshop and lunch lectures. Click HERE to read more about i Fokus!